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  • Football Programs: View Selections.
    program coverFootball programs, 1930s through 1969, are digitized as a Save Our Legacy project. We are now working on programs, 1970 through 2001. The programs are important for researchers of football history, cultural history, and geneology. Each program is filled with pictures of people, places, and products. Our client is looking for a place to donate the digital collection.

  • Texas History: Three Monographs by Ethel Zivley Rather: View Samples and Purchase
    Texas flag.pdf format. Titles include: 1)DeWitt's Colony;
    2) An Explanation to the Public Concerning the Affairs of Texas, by Citizen Stephen F. Austin (translated by Ethel Zivley Rather); and
    3) Recognition of the State of Texas by the United States. Ethel Zivley Rather was a noted Texas researcher. These three monographs were published in 1904, 1905, and 1910, respectively.
  • The Wreck of the Hesperus by Longfellow: Free Download to your tablet, laptop, or desktop.
    Hesperus_cover This illustrated .pdf file includes an optional audio recording of The Wreck of the Hesperus, so you may listen as you read, if you wish. It includes About This Poem and Extended Learning pages with embedded links.

    **This .pdf selection was originally published as a Kindle ebook. Unfortunately, the Kindle edition did not accept the audio file or the external links.
    Please notify us of any problem viewing and/or hearing this selection after downloading and saving to your desktop.
    Download the .pdf file, The Wreck of The Hesperus and save to your desktop.
  • How To Read Moby Dick: Free web site since 1997
    Reinel CompassHow To Read Moby Dick web site originated in 1997 and is revised yearly. Judging from the emails and the hits on it, many visitors find it useful. As the title indicates, it is a guide for reading the American classic. It includes vocabulary, allusions by chapter number, reading guide questions and suggestions, and research suggestions. Historical documents also are included.

      In Progress

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  • The Harvard Classics: Download Free Volume Now
    Harvard ClassicsToday, the complete set of Harvard Classics, 51 volumes, is readily available in varous quality levels of .pdf files. However, the .pdf set is near impossible to navigate without bookmarks. We are helping to fix that.
    Download the .pdf file, The Odyssey by Homer (vol. 22), and save to your desktop.

  • Dan Rather Portfolio Setup
    Dan RatherWe have accumulated, organized, and categorized the long and varied media career of Dan Rather. Content is copyrighted by various entities, so here we show how we organized the varied file types.

  • Talmadge Biblical Images
    The 473 mostly black/white images from the 1890 publication of From Manger to Throne, Embracing A New Life of Jesus The Christ... by Reverend T. DeWitt Talmage, D.D. The images are saved as both .tiff and .jpg images with descriptive file names.

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