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Texas History: Three Monographs by Ethel Zivley Rather

Texas history .pdf format.
Titles include: 1)DeWitt's Colony;
2) An Explanation to the Public Concerning the Affairs
of Texas, by Citizen Stephen F. Austin
(translated by Ethel Zivley Rather); and
3) Recognition of the State of Texas by the United States.
Ethel Zivley Rather was a noted Texas researcher. These three monographs were published in 1904, 1905, and 1910, respectively.

Save Our Legacy

digitizing archiving Save Our Legacy is the hub for the digital archiving of organizational, personal, and cultural documents and photos for historical preservation and sharing.

Football Programs

football programs Football programs, 1930s through 1969, are digitized as a Save Our Legacy project. They are important for researchers of football history, cultural history, and geneology. Each program is filled with pictures of people, places, and products. Our client is looking for a place to donate the digital collection.

How To Read Moby Dick

Read Moby Dick How To Read Moby Dick web site originated in 1997and is revised yearly. Judging from the emails and the hits on it, many visitors find it useful. As the title indicates, it is a guide for reading the American classic. It includes vocabulary, allusions by chapter number, reading guide questions and suggestions, and research suggestions.

Peaceful Piece

creative LEGO Peaceful Piece is a creative LEGO community envisioning an ideal environment for living, working, and playing. Built with Wix.com web site builder, it showcases construction with galleries, slideshows, and text.