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Digital Archive: Football Programs
1950 - 1959

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Head Coach: Jess Neely
Rice Roster:
Burk, Allen, Burkhalter, Stobaugh, Haddox, Glass, Dean, Campbell, McMillan, Silver, Braden, Carswell, Drake, Riggs, Frazier, Daniels, Bindsell, Glauser, Wyatt, Proctor, Weldon, Day, Rhoden, Stonestreet, Wersterfer, Verrett, Little, Neumann, Sartor, Mullenix, McLeaish, Wagner, Stearns, Boswell, Curry, Bittner, Crockett, Preston, Walls, Giroski, Watson, Moore, Winship, Davis, Edwards, McCurry, Pontikes, Wright, Loth, Howton, Boughton, Wright, Doan, Fisk, Allen

Rice vs. Santa Clara

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Rice vs. Santa Clara
September 30

Rice vs. Arkansas

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Arkansas vs. Rice
November 11

Rice vs. Texas A&M

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Texas A&M vs. Rice
November 18

Rice vs. TCU

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Rice vs. TCU
November 25


Rice vs. Baylor

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Baylor vs. Rice
December 2



The Digital Archive is missing the following 1950 programs: LSU (home); Pittsburgh (there); SMU (home); Texas (home); Texas Tech (home).

If you have missing copies to loan to us, regardless of condition, please email us so we may arrange pickup and return.

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